Contest #41: Geaux Tigers 2014

Contest #41 is live. It’s our annual officially licensed LSU tee shirt design contest. And just like for our last contest (Black & Gold 2014), we’re putting up $1,800 in prize money — $1,000 to the contest winner, $500 to second place and $300 to third place. Submissions will be accepted through August 10 at Midnight at The contest results will be announced on Friday, August 15, at 8 pm at

The Collegiate Licensing Company and LSU have to approve all design submissions before we post them, so make sure to get your designs in extra early. Also, here are a list of trademarked LSU phrases that can be used for this contest so long as you include the tiny “®” or a small “TM” next to the word or phrase. Make sure that you use the correct one.

  • LSU®
  • Louisiana State University®
  • LSU Tigers®
  • Fighting Tigers ™
  • Tigers ™
  • Lady Tigers ™
  • Bayou Bengals ™
  • Geaux Tigers®
  • Tiger Bait ™
  • Mike the Tiger ™
  • Tiger Stadium ™
  • Death Valley ™
  • Pete Maravich Assembly Center™
  • PMAC ™
  • Alex Box Stadium ™
  • Love Purple Live Gold ™
  • Stand Right Up and Roar ™
  • Roar Corps ™

And the winner of “Black & Gold 2014″ is…

Our 40th design contest was one of our biggest contests yet! And what makes it even bigger is the fact that we are not only awarding guaranteed prize money to the grand prize winner ($1,000), but also to the second ($500) and third place ($300) winners. The designers who entered this contest really brought their A-game. We had a hard time narrowing it down to the Top 9, so we added three more designs and made it the Top 12. It was even more challenging to narrow it down to the Top 5 designs, but someone had to do it. The final 12 designs received more than 1,000 votes and more than 100 shares on Facebook. I think it’s fair to say that everyone is pretty excited for fall.

Congratulations to Ali Becnel-Solino for her fun & clever “Now My Whole Team Here.” This is Ali’s third grand-prize win in a Storyville Design Contest, and her seventh appearance in the Top 5. Y’all loved — I mean LOVED — this design on Facebook. We can’t wait to bring this design to the Storyville shelves (and online at in the next week.

Coming in second was “Pelican Pride” by Christopher Murphy. This is Christopher’s second Top 5 finish, after winning our last contest with his “Bienvenue en Louisiane.” We really loved the hand-drawn art in this design. It adds a uniqueness and reminds us of some classic New Orleans folk art. We think this will look great on kids stuff, too!

Third place goes to Brian Cvejanovich for “NOLA FC.” This is Brian’s sixteenth (!) Top 5 finish. We thought this design was so versatile, and would look perfect on a vintage football tee. Brian really gets what kind of design would work well on a tee shirt, which is sometimes a hard thing to understand. That’s why he often finds himself ranking high up in our contests.

Stephen Feehily won fourth place for “Anatomy of a Play,” and fifth place goes to Taryn Pusateri for “Black & Gold Crest” This is Stephen’s third and Taryn’s fourth Top 5 finish, and both of these designs were favorites with our Facebook fans.

Honorable Mention goes to Allison Dugas-Behan, who gave us some pretty complex art with “My Other Cathedral.” This is Allison’s second Honorable Mention, but she has been in the Top 5 eight times.

For our next contest, you’ll be trading the black & gold for some purple & gold. And once again, because this past contest was so awesome, we’re going to guarantee three prizes — a $1,000 Grand Prize, a $500 Second Prize, and a $300 Third Prize. “Geaux Tigers 2014″ is an officially-licensed LSU contest. Every entry will not only have to be approved by Storyville, but will be submitted for approval by LSU, as well. You are allowed to use official trademarked phrases in your design such as LSU, Geaux Tigers, LSU Tigers, Death Valley, etc. For inspiration, check out last year’s “Geaux Tigers 2013″ (here). Submissions will be accepted Monday, July 28 through midnight on Sunday, August 10. The winner will be announced on Friday, August 15 at 8 p.m. right here at Also, get thinking about some blue & green designs — we’ll have an officially-licensed Tulane Football contest coming up soon!

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And the winner of “Greetings from Louisiana” is…

We had a few firsts in our latest contest. Lots of first-timers who submitted some pretty excellent designs, and a rare extension of our contest submission deadline. We pushed the deadline back because we thought we could probably get a few more solid entries if we did it — and we did. We got eight more approved entries in the contest, one of which is the grand-prize winner.

Congratulations to first-timer Christopher Murphy for his lovely and versatile “Bienvenue en Louisiane.” This was Christopher’s first-ever entry and first-ever win in a Storyville Design Contest. We loved his use of the state flower in the design, and we think it would look extra-cute on baby one pieces — get it? Because you’re welcoming the baby to Louisiana!

Coming in second was a Facebook fan favorite, the witty “Louisiana is for Lovers” by Hayes Walsh. This is Hayes’ first entry and first Top 5 finish. You guys loved this one on Facebook, and so did we. We’re hoping to bring this one to our shelves very soon.

Third place goes to Sarah Lisotta for her spicy “Hot and Humid.” This is Sarah’s third Top 5 finish. We just loved how fun and whimsical this design is, and the colors are really great, too!

Christy Gonzalez won fourth place for the clever “Sunshine,” and fifth place goes to Nicholas Miner for “Geaux Explore Louisiana” This is Christy’s eighth and Nicholas’ first Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Stephen Feehily, who gave us some beautiful artwork with “State of our Trees!” This is Stephen’s first Honorable Mention, but he was the winner of our last contest, “Spring into Summer,” with his “Snoball Fight” design.

We have a few design contests themes up our sleeve, and we’re ready to announce the next two contests. We aren’t quite sure of the dates just yet, but the first contest will be “Geaux Tigers 2014,” and the following contest will be “Black & Gold 2014.” In case you can’t figure out what they’re about, check out last year’s “Geaux Tigers 2013″ (here) and “Black & Gold 2013″ (here) for ideas. Get to working on those designs now because these should be two HUGE contests, both with $1,000 prizes. We’ll be accepting entries to “Geaux Tigers 2014,” which will be a licensed LSU contest (you are allowed to use the terms LSU, Geaux Tigers, etc. in your artwork), very soon!

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And the winner of “Spring into Summer” is…

Apparently, y’all associate one thing with summertime: Snoballs. Eight out of the 14 approved entries had a snoball in the design in some way. But people are crazy about snoballs, and we’re crazy about our Top 5.

Congratulations to first-timer Stephen Feehily on his clever “Snoball Fight.” This was Stephen’s first-ever entry and first-ever win in a Storyville Design Contest. We thought this design was not only well executed and clever, but it will really pop off of a tee. It’s also versatile — we can print it on tanks and on infant one pieces.

Coming in second was a Facebook fan favorite, the adorable “Warm & Cloudy with a Chance of Snoballs” by Sam Varela. This is Sam’s fourth Top 5 finish. This design, while complex and very clever, may be a bit harder to print on a tee. This design got the most support on Facebook (when we posted the solo image on the fan page), but we weren’t entirely sure that the design would translate into a tee or tank that folks would buy. But we would still love to give it a try to see if y’all love the design as much as we do (we love to be proven wrong).

Third place goes to Taryn Pusateri for her nautical-themed “NOLA is My Anchor.” We would love to see this design on a summery tank top. Anchors are so in right now.

Ali Becnel Solino won fourth place for the hilarious “Turnt Up,” and fifth place goes to Stephen Feehily for “What’s Your Flavor?” This is Ali’s sixth and Stephen’s second Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to another newcomer, Callen Guidry, who gave us the simple, yet effective, “Snoball Season Y’all.” This is Callen’s first Honorable Mention.

Even though most of our contests end up celebrating Louisiana in some way, this time we’re getting real literal. Our next contest is “Greetings from Louisiana.” We want you to give us your best, most creative Louisiana-themed design. This doesn’t mean simply a shape of Louisiana — you CAN incorporate the state shape, but for a state-shaped design to win, it would have to be really creative. “Greetings from Louisiana” runs from May 26 through June 8. The winner will be announced June 13. Good luck!!

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