And the Winner of “Black & Gold 2016″ is…

Black & Gold 2016 Tee Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to Matt Phelan, who won our “Black & Gold 2016″ tee shirt design contest with a nod to a cheesy ’80′s anthem. Nothing cheesy about his amazing artwork though. This is Matt’s 3rd win in a row, and his eighth Top 5 finish overall.

Second place goes to James Michael Cox, who is the creator of our popular “Mid-City (Bicycle)” tee. We loved the fun detail of James Michael’s “Game Day” design.

Third place goes to Christy Gonzalez for her retro-chic “Old School Favorite” design. This is Christy’s thirteenth Top 5 finish.

Phillip Trammel put forth an iconic looking design with “BG 16.” This is Phillip’s fourth Top 5 finish. Fifth place goes to Christopher Murphy with “Kings of the Southern Division.” We simply love Christopher’s artwork and he has previously won two of our contests. This is Christopher’s sixth Top 5 finish. Finally, newcomer Peter Woodward earned an “Honorable Mention” for his in-your-face “Black & Gold Fan Face” submission.

This contest stretched out a little longer than we had originally planned, but now is as good a time as any for some fresh Black & Gold designs. Thanks to everyone who entered. We’re looking to get some more designs outside of our contests, so if you have a great design ready to go, e-mail josh @ We’ll be back with a new contest soon.

And the winner of “Crawfish 2016″ is…

It can sometimes be really difficult to narrow down designs to the Top 9, and then to the Top 5. On one hand, you have some designs with just fantastic, amazing art. On the other hand, you have some designs that are extremely witty and current. And sometimes you can hit the sweet spot with a design that has all of the right elements: great art, great concept, and it’ll look great on a tee.

Congratulations again to Matt Phelan, who won the top prize for his “Louisiana Superboil” tee shirt design. Matt’s hand-drawn art is always spectacular, and we loved the concept. We think this design will look awesome on tee shirts, tanks tops, etc. This is Matt’s second first-place finish in a row, and his seventh Top 5 finish.

Coming in second was “Crawfish Campaign” by Tara Schwaner. We loved this artwork, and the patriotic spin. We think crawfish are a national treasure. This is Tara’s third Top 5 finish.

Third place goes to Stephen Feehily for “The Craw!” Stephen’s art is always top-notch. This is Stephen’s ninth Top 5 finish.

Phillip Trammel scored fourth place for “Trap Queen,” and fifth place goes to Matt Phelan for “Krawe du Fish” This is Phillip’s third and Matt’s eighth Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Lucy Williams for “Something for Everyone.” It was hard to pick one of her designs, they were all good! We could definitely see this design on a tank top. This is Lucy’s first Honorable Mention.

We don’t yet know what the theme of our next contest will be — stay tuned. Got an idea for a theme? Or a design that doesn’t quite fit a theme but you want to see it on one of our shirts? Shoot us an email here.

St. Patrick’s Day 2016 Flash Sale

And the winner of “Mardi Gras 2016″ is…

“Well, if you put your nickel well now, I’ll put a dime down. We can get together now and drink us some wine” — It’s Carnival Time, y’all! Per usual, our annual Mardi Gras contest was a hit. So much so, that it was incredibly difficult to whittle it down to just six entries for our Top 5 + Honorable Mention. A lot of entries were really good, but the design also has to be marketable as a t-shirt.

Congratulations to Matt Phelan, who won the top prize for his “Second Line Bling” tee shirt design. This entry got an enormous response from Facebook, and also was a staff favorite. We loved how it worked in so many ways — the dance move, the sousaphone, the uniform, the “second line bling.” Matt did a fantastic job all around. This is Matt’s sixth Top 5 finish.

Coming in second was “Hello” by Ali Becnel Solino. This design also got an enormous response on Facebook. Ali is no stranger to pop culture references — she knows how to design a hit. This is Ali’s twelfth Top 5 finish. Ali designed the winning tee in last year’s Mardi Gras contest, “Up on a Tuesday.”

Third place goes to Christy Gonzalez for “Boundary Issues.” People really loved this double entendre. This is Christy’s twelfth Top 5 finish.

Ali Becnel Solino scored fourth place for “Cake by the Pound,” and fifth place goes to Chase Guillory for “Made for Mardi Gras.” This is Ali’s thirteenth and Chase’s third Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Michael Fulkerson for “Eat, Drink & Be Mardi.” This is a good example of a very simple design executed perfectly for a t-shirt. This is Michael’s first Honorable Mention.

Get out your paper towels, newspaper and beer, it’s Crawfish Season (and it’s early this year)! Our next contest will be “Crawfish 2016.” Winner will receive $1000. Contest dates TBA, but you can start working on those designs now!

Contest Results Coming Tomorrow (1/23)

We’re running a little behind on our contest, including getting Facebook feedback and tallying the results. Having a 5 month old will do that to you. We plan to post the results right here at 8 p.m. tomorrow, January 23. Thanks for your patience!

Our Final Flash Sale of 2015

Black Friday Weekend Sale runs through 11/30

Our Black Friday Sale begins today and running through Monday, November 30. All adult short sleeve tees are only $16, all kids items are only $12, adult long sleeve tees are only $20 and adult sweatshirts are only $25. This in-shop only sale is running at all of our physical locations (Magazine Street in New Orleans, Lakeside Mall in Metairie and the Mall 0f Louisiana in Baton Rouge). In other news, our final online-only Flash Sale of 2015 goes live on Monday. Stay tuned.

“Black November” In-Shop only sale runs through this weekend

While our online only Flash Sale continues, we are also having a separate in-shop only sale right now at all of our brick and mortar locations. All short sleeve tees are only $16, kids items are only $14, long sleeve tees are only $20 and sweatshirts are only $25. Again, this sale is only at our physical locations in New Orleans, Metairie and Baton Rouge and runs through Sunday, November 8.

Black November Flash Sale is live!

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$12 Flash Sale extended until Sunday, 10/4 at Midnight

Our latest online-only $12 Flash Sale has been extended through Sunday, October 4 at Midnight. Click here to see 20 LSU, Tulane and Black & Gold tees for only $12. As always, please allow 2 weeks from the end of the Flash Sale for your order to ship.