Crawfish Tees only $12!

Our latest, online-only $12 Flash Sale is live (unlike the crawfish that we plan to eat this weekend). The Flash Sale runs through Tuesday, April 21 at Midnight. Please allow two weeks for your order to ship. Click here to see the big sale.

And the winner of “Crawfish!” is…

After entering numerous contests with some amazing designs, Chris Gianelloni finally takes the top prize. Congratulations to Chris for his winning design, “Crawfish in Louisiana.” Sure, we (and others) have a few Louisiana-shaped designs. But the key reason that Chris’ design won (whereas normally, a generic Louisiana might not win) is because the level of detail and precision in this design is pretty amazing. Based on the Facebook response, I think many people agree with our love for this design. Chris has entered some incredible designs, and this one was in the sweet spot — simple enough for a tee, yet still visually interesting and quite complicated to do well. This is Chris’ first Grand Prize and fifth Top 5 finish.

Coming in second was “It’s Crawfish Season!” by Christopher Murphy. We love the whimsical style that Christopher brings to his hand-drawn art. This is Christopher’s fourth Top 5 finish.

Third place goes to Stephen Feehily for “The Other Guys.” This was another Facebook favorite — Stephen’s idea was truly unique and witty. The art and the idea were solid, but we aren’t sure if people would “get” the shirt out of context (if they just saw it sitting on a shelf). However, it’s awesome, so it scored a third-place finish. This was Stephen’s eighth Top 5 finish.

Matt Phelan won fourth place for “Crawfleur” and fifth place goes to Keith Heidel for “Louisiana Crawfish.” This is Matt’s third and Keith’s first Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Matt Phelan for “Born to Boil.” This is Matt’s first Honorable Mention, but as mentioned above, he has been in the Top 5 three times.

Here’s something new: We don’t yet know the theme for the next contest. Got any ideas? Let us know. We’ll announce something soon, and the winner will receive $1000. We will accept submissions for our yet-to-be-determined contest from April 20 through May 3. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, May 8. Good luck!

And the winner of “I Heart City Park” is…

We seem to be saying this a lot lately, but this may have been our best design contest ever. Narrowing the designs down to the Top 9, and then the Top 5 (and picking a winner), was very challenging. Any one of these designs could have won the contest. We even had to leave some really great designs out of the Top 9. Obviously, City Park inspires a lot of people in the same way that it inspires us. Ten percent of sales from any of the tees generated from this contest will go to Friends of City Park. This was an extremely close contest, so we hope to bring many of these designs to our shelves and help raise some money for our magical, beautiful park.

Congratulations to Julia Lavigne for her winning design, “Conservatory of the Two Sisters.” Julia has such a unique style, and this design really captures the heart and soul of the park. Her hand-drawn art is so sophisticated, and we also love the colors she chose. This is Julia’s first Grand Prize and second Top 5 finish.

Coming in a very close second was “Storyland” by Matt Phelan. Matt actually went to Storyland, took photos of the attractions and put them together in this design. We would especially love to print these on some toddler tees. This design made everyone very nostalgic for their time spend at Storyland as children. Josh can’t wait to wear this shirt. This is Matt’s first-ever Storyville design contest entry, and his first Top 5 finish.

Third place goes to Claire Massey for “The Heart of New Orleans.” We love the outline of the city inside the heart. City Park truly is the Heart of New Orleans, and this design does a good job of capturing how important it is to the whole city. This was Claire’s first-ever Storyville design contest, and her first Top 5 finish.

Chris Gianelloni won fourth place for “Heart of the City” and fifth place goes to Lauren Haro for “Famous Flying Horses.” This is Chris’ fourth and Lauren’s first Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Lauren Alsop for her hilarious “Throwing Shade.” This is Lauren’s first Honorable Mention, but she has been in the Top 5 four times. Lauren created the ever-popular “They All Asked for Drew” and “Nola Seasons” designs.

If you are feeling the love for City Park, consider joining Friends of City Park. They are the fundraising arm for our great park, and the benefits of joining far exceed the price. Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the free admission to the Botanical Garden and free admission to Celebration in the Oaks. Those are just two of the many benefits you receive as a member. Join here.

We’re working up an appetite for Friends of City Park’s annual fundraiser tonight, Lark in the Park, and dreaming of Crawfish. In the past few years, people have wanted to not only eat crawfish, but to wear them, too. So we’re going to have a crawfish-themed contest. Give us your best crawfish designs, and we’ll give the winner $1000. We will accept submissions for “Crawfish!” from March 23 through April 5. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, April 10. Good luck!

St. Patrick’s Day 2015 $12 Flash Sale

Now’s the time to get your green tee so that you don’t get pinched. Our annual $12 St. Patrick’s Day Flash Sale runs through Monday, March 2, at Midnight. The sale is online only. Go here to see it.

Storyville Hearts City Park

Storyville is working with Friends of City Park for our latest tee shirt design contest.

Who doesn't love City Park?

Got love for New Orleans’ City Park? In that case, you should check out our latest $1,000 tee shirt design contest. We’re looking to develop tees that will help raise money for Friends of City Park. Photos courtesy of City Park Archives.

And the winner of “Carnival 2015″ is…

We just have to say — this design contest had some of the best designs we’ve seen in a while. I think any of the Top 5 could have easily won the Grand Prize. But sometimes, a design comes around that our fans and customers just HAVE to have. For the past two weeks we’ve taken so many phone calls and in-person requests for the winning design. And now? We finally have it on our shelves.

Congratulations to Ali Becnel Solino for her winning design, “Goin’ Up on a Tuesday.” Ali’s design garnered 1,360 likes on Facebook and more than 600 shares. We knew it would be a hit pretty much instantly. Everyone has been very patient waiting for this design, so we decided to make it available online (and in the shops) today! This is Ali’s fourth Grand Prize and tenth Top-5 finish.

Here is the winning design on our website (click the style you’d like): Female V-Neck, Unisex Crew and Toddler Tee.

Coming in second was “Game of Throws” by Stephen Feehily. As always, Stephen brought it with some of the most complex, clever and complicated art in this contest. This is Stephen’s seventh Top 5 finish. This design was also popular on Facebook and with Storyville staff.

Third place goes to Valerie Strecker for “T’row Me Somethin’ Mista.’” We thought this design is perfect for baby one pieces and toddler tees. This is Valerie’s seventh Top 5 finish.

Chris Gianelloni won fourth place for “Light the Way” and fifth place goes to Ali Becnel Solino for “Uptown Funk.” This is Chris’ third and Ali’s eleventh Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Marie Chisholm for “Mardi Gras Mom-Bo.” This design was also super popular on Facebook. This is Marie’s first Honorable Mention, and first-ever entry in one of our design contests. She is also with the ever-popular New Orleans Moms Blog — we love those ladies!

Now we’re going to go for something a little less seasonal, but very classic New Orleans. We’re teaming up with Friends of City Park to launch a contest to design a City Park tee. The next contest is“I Heart City Park” Submissions will be accepted February 23 through March 8. The winner will be announced on March 13, the same evening as “Lark in the Park,” the premier event to raise money for the most amazing park in the U.S. (in our humble opinion). We’ll post a blog entry soon with some City Park themes — the park is vast, so you may need a list of attractions to give you some good ideas. In the meantime, head over there and walk around — you’re sure to find inspiration everywhere you turn.

Mardi Gras $12 Flash Sale extended through Monday

Our annual $12 Mardi Gras Flash Sale is live and runs through Monday, January 19 at Midnight. The Flash Sale features 15 of our most popular adult Carnival tees. Check it out before it’s gone.

Last $12 Flash Sale of 2014 ends at Midnight

Click here to check out our final $12 Flash Sale of 2014. The Flash Sale is online-only and ends at Midnight on Wednesday, December 3.

And the winner of “Black & Gold: Encore” is…

Well, enthusiasm has certainly been quashed after Monday night, but people still loved the Top 9 designs from this “Black & Gold: Encore” contest.

Congratulations to Christy Gonzalez for her winning design, “Geaux to Threads.” Christy is on a roll lately. We loved this design the minute we saw it, and so did our Facebook followers. How fun to have a seasonal tee to roll out just in time for Christmas! These will be on the shelves very, very soon, so you can sport it to some Christmas parties. This is Christy’s third Grand Prize (second in a row!) and tenth Top-5 finish.

Coming in second was “Just Being Honest” by Ali Becnel Solino. Y’all really loved this one on Facebook, and we also hope to bring it to our shelves very soon. This is Ali’s ninth Top 5 finish.

Third place goes to Stephen Feehily for “Black, Gold & Silver.” This was such a neat and clever design, but who knows how long the “silver” will be sticking around these parts. This is Stephen’s sixth Top 5 finish.

Taryn Pusateri won fourth place for “Always a Saint on Sunday” and fifth place goes to Chris Gianelloni for “Black & Gold Nation.” This is Taryn’s fifth and Chris’ second Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Christopher Murphy for “New Orleans Football Association Official Seal.” This is Christopher’s first Honorable Mention, but he has made the Top 5 three times.

Y’all go eat some Turkey and Figgy Pudding — we’re taking a break from design contests until after the holidays. This means you have a TON of time to start thinking about the next contest, because it’s going to be huge. The next contest is “Carnival 2015.” We’ll announce the official dates for the contest soon. Need inspiration? Check out our “Carnival 2014? contest here.

And the winner of “Monsters, Aliens & Robots” is…

We’re big fans of the Rougarou. It’s our two-year-old’s favorite exhibit at the Audubon Zo0. Y’all are big fans, too, because lots of people voted for this design on Facebook.  Congratulations to Christy Gonzalez for her winning design, “Rougarou.” This design takes top prize because it’s a good design, but it also is perfect for a tee shirt. That is one thing that makes our contests sometimes challenging to win — not only does the design have to be good, but you should also “get” the tee by just glancing at the design quickly (it’s super awkward to stare at someone’s tee shirt, not that we know this from experience…). This is Christy’s second Grand Prize and ninth Top-5 finish.

Coming in second was “Bump in the Night” by Chris Gianelloni. This is Chris’ first-ever Top 5 finish. Chris’ artwork is so amazing. We thought this design was really cute and clever. The design is solid, but it may sell better on a poster over a tee. You really want to be able to see all of the detail in the design because it’s so good! We hope to see more from Chris in future contests.

Third place goes to Preston Haynes for “Robot Jazz Musicians from Space!” This is Preston’s third Top 5 finish. We loved how this really looked like a vintage horror B movie poster. Great work!

Cliff Couvillon won fourth place for “Area Code 504,” and fifth place goes to Matthew Phelan for “MechaCrawzilla.” This is Cliff’s fourth and Matthew’s first Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Phillip Trammel for “Crescent City Express.” This is Phillip’s first Honorable Mention, but he has made the Top 5 twice previously.

Now we’re going to wash, rinse, and repeat. The next tee shirt design contest theme is “Black and Gold: Encore.” That’s right: we’re doing our Black & Gold contest, AGAIN. Give us your most unique, most stylish “Black & Gold” designs. Submissions for “Black & Gold: Encore” will be accepted Wednesday, November 5 through midnight on Sunday, November 23. The winner will be announced Wednesday, November 26 at 8 p.m. right here at Need inspiration? Check out our “Black & Gold 2014″ contest here.