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Bonus Shirt of the Week — “Nick Saban” — Only $16

“Nick Saban” is the Bonus Shirt of the Week. Get “Nick Saban” in either color for only $16 until Saturday night at 11:59 pm. No matter happens in the LSU / Alabama game, the price of the tees will go back up to $22 on Sunday, because, quite frankly, Nick Saban will still be a [...]

Whooo Dat? Shirt of the Week — Only $16

Metro Three is responsible for this week’s Shirt of the Week… “Whooo Dat?”  Click here to see Whooo Dat. Whoooooo dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Whooo Dat is only $16 through Saturday, November 3. On Sunday, the price goes back up to $22. The special price is only available online. “Whooo Dat” is [...]

Baton Rouge photo shoot is a wrap

Special thanks to everybody who came out for our big Baton Rouge photo shoot on Friday.  In no particular order, we’re grateful to Aubrey Howard, Haley Elizabeth Moore, Harvey Werner, Margo Sanders, Patsy Radford, Joy Bruce, Nicole Staudenmaier, Wendell T. Harrison, Mary Beth Robichaux, Nichole Ingalsbe, Kristin Craik, Arthur Pania, Jillian Daguil and Julie Vanhaverbeke.  [...]

Storyville Fashion Show makes November issue of “225″

Click here to read 225‘s article about the upcoming Storyville Fashion Show from the November issue.  Tickets for the 300-seat show are on sale now through the Manship Theatre (Shaw Center) website (click here to get tickets).  Tickets for the show will are also on sale in Storyville’s Baton Rouge Shop.  Get your tickets before they’re all gone – [...]

Live from Chapel – Day Three (Last Day)

Okay, so this is it.  My final day in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I have to catch a plane in a few hours, so this is going to have to be a quick update.  I still need to explore a little more of the UNC campus and, time permitting, pay a visit to John Edwards campaign HQ [...]

Live from Chapel Hill – Day Two

On Day Two of of my Chapel Hill scouting trip, I got a big assist from a real live University of North Carolina student.  Curtis Davis, a New Orleans native, gave me an extended tour of the beautiful and historic UNC campus (thanks, Curtis!).  Although he’s only 19, Curtis is already a BMOC (big man on campus).  Curtis [...]

Live from Chapel Hill – Day One

Alright, alright… this is Josh again and now I’m in Tarheel Country.  I flew into Raleigh today, so I am now writing you from the campus of the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill.  What a goregous campus! It’s a little eerie how much Frankiln Street (the main campus drag) feels like Chimes Street (LSU) in [...]

“Rock the Mic” — Shirt #1 of the Week — Only $16’s Shirt of the Week (SOTW) is Kelly D’s “Rock the Mic.”  Storyville Austin model Paulie Nguyen made this shirt famous in a serious of photographs that were prominently pirated across the University of Texas Facebook network.  Paulie’s famous “Rock the Mic” shirt is a black tee with a metallic silver print.  The tee is only $16 [...]

Vote for my cousin’s new film — “Day Off”

On Saturday, October 13, Apple Computers (the iPod, Mac people) posted a top-secret list of elements – special props, dialogue, settings, etc — that high school and college filmmakers had to incorporate into a short film.  The amateur filmmakers had 24 hours to write, cast, shoot, edit and score a 3-minute film and submit it to the Apple website.   My cousin [...]

Game Day & Election Day in Baton Rouge

If you’ve never been on LSU’s campus on game day, you haven’t lived.  It’s a incredible experience like no other.  Sure, Saturday night at Tiger Stadium is all that and a bowl of grits, but the pure and simple joy of walking around campus and feeling the game day excitement is where it’s really at.  [...]