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Journey to Vietnam… Welcoming Baby Vivi to the USA and into the family

Read more about one family’s adventure to Vietnam to adopt a darling baby girl. Baby Vivi is a gift from around the worldm, and we are proud to welcome Baby Vivi to the Harvey/Quinn/Malloy family.

Announcing Dr. Moser’s Scientific Experiment Series! And Koi Opens!

We are proud to announce the beginning of the Scientific Experiment Series at Storyville, hosted by Gregory August Moser, Doctor of Experimental Analysis. Yesterday, Dr. Moser kicked off the series before a crowd of science enthusiasts with a groundbreaking experiment involving Diet Coke and Mentos (the Freshmaker).

ClothMoth flies into Storyville (New Designer)

Today, Storyville made a new friend.  ClothMoth is Storyville’s newest designer, and ClothMoth apparel is now available at Storyville Austin.  ClothMoth will also be available on in July. ClothMoth was founded in 2006 by Houston artist Joshua Merritt.  In the past two years, ClothMoth has grown into a full line of adult tees, baby clothes and fun accessories.  [...]

Check out Gabriel Harvey’s “Obama is Good”

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out Gabriel Harvey’s hiliarious website – At Obama is Good, you can read Gabe’s most recent post, “Lost Hiker found in the Enthusiasm Gap (Man rescued after four weeks lost in gigantic chasm between Obama and McCain)”. Or you can peruse such classics as “Obamania Breaks Record [...]

Introducing Joe McFerrin…

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Joe McFerrin. Joe McFerrin is the brains behind InteriorWeb Design, a web strategy and design company.  Joe is also an LSU graduate and the husband of St. Frederick High School and LSU alumna Bridget Tonore. Anyway, we’re in the process of working a deal that will make Joe and InteriorWeb Design one of [...]

Happy 20th Birthday, Rebekah!

Rebekah Celeste Harvey turns 20 today!  The youngest of the original Harvey kids is no longer a teenager.  Our little baby is all growed up…  If you happen to be in Baton Rouge’s North Gates neighborhood today, make sure to swing by the Chimes Street shop and wish Rebekah happy birthday.  You can also send [...]

Over 70 designers in two states… not a bad start

When Gabriel and Elizabeth were closing the books for both shops at the end of May, they stumbled across a couple of interesting facts. As of May 30, Storyville Baton Rouge featured over 30 Louisiana designers in the Chimes Street shop.  Storyville BR is not even a year and a half old, and we’ve already got the best collection [...]

Shout out to Darrell Morris & Devise Innovations

Here’s a quick word of thanks to Darrell Morris of Houston’s Devise Innovations.  Darrell has been providing lots of helpful counsel as we attempt to map out what the new Storyville website will look like and how it will function.  We are determined to make the new website far more user-friendly.  We are working to [...]

Hanging out with Miah Petersen

Last night, Gabriel and I partied with web design guru Miah Petersen of Studio Tomi at his house in central Austin.  Miah has designed many websites, and he was willing to advise us as we continue toward building the new Storyville website. Our biggest challenge right now is to make sure that the new website is 1) tied [...]

Victrola Studio comes to Storyville

British-born Victoria Corbett and her line of Victrola Studio apparel are on the rise.  We’ve only had her apparel in our Austin shop for a few weeks, and we keep running out of sizes.  People can’t get enough of her unique designs, which are full of international flavors.  So who is Victoria Corbett?  Here’s a little background on the lady [...]