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Jeff Roedel does Storyville Photoshoot

Thanks so much to Jeff Roedel of ’225′ Magazine and ‘American Thrift Media’ who was Storyville’s guest photographer for our Sunday afternoon photoshoot.  (If you haven’t yet seen Jeff’s work, you should really check it out – either pick up a copy of this month’s ’225′ or check out American Thrift Media with their newest short [...]

The Storyville Road Show hits ACL

On Friday through Sunday, Storyville will have a tent on South Congress Street in Austin, next to Vespaio restaurant (1610 South Congress).  Come by and check us out on this wild Austin City Limits weekend. And we’ll get back to adding lots of new things on the website next week.  These last three weeks have been [...]

Will Heron & International Curly Day 2008

Check out this article about Storyville designer Will Heron.  Will Heron was recently commissioned to create artwork for the tenth annual International Curly Day 2008, which will be celebrated on September 29.  International Curly Day 2008 tees and other apparel are available for purchase here. In the article, Will talks about his genesis as an apparel designer [...]

See new Players Ball photos on Facebook

We just posted 59 photos from Friday night’s Players Ball on Facebook.  Click here to see them all.

Players Ball 7 is here

Just a quick reminder that “Players Ball 2008: The Hurricane Afterparty” is tonight at 8 pm at North Gate Tavern on Chimes Street in Baton Rouge.  The $5 cover gets you a ticket to the greatest costume party ever and all the Miller Lite keg beer that you can drink.  Plus, you’ll be treated to [...]

Players Ball 2008: The Hurricane Afterparty” is this Friday!

Players Ball, the Harvey Durham family’s seventh annual celebration of players, hustlers and ladies of the night, goes down this Friday night at 8 pm at North Gate Tavern on Chimes Street in Baton Rouge. “Players Ball: The Hurricane Afterparty” will feature music by Louisiana’s top deejay, DJ Otto.  The event will be filmed for YouTube by Amy Dyess and [...]

Storyville Baton Rouge gets a new look, Website Updates

Hurricane Gustav knocked down all the trees in front of Storyville Baton Rouge, so the shop has a whole new look.  Here’s a photo that Gabriel took with his camera phone.  The newly expanded patio might came in handy for game days.  Anybody want to grill some burgers? Now to Cyberspace.  If you’ve visited the [...]

“Friday Night Lights” comes to Storyville

On Thursday, September 11, the two members of the costume design team for the hit NBC show “Friday Night Lights” paid a visit to Storyville Austin.  The two ladies picked up 5 shirts that will potentially be used on the critically-acclaimed TV show in 2009.  We’d like to salute “Friday Night Lights” for featuring apparel designed [...]

New website goes live… and tonight, we rest

The new website is now up.  Check it out…  We’re going to be adding lots of new products over the coming week.  We’re also still ironing out features and correcting minor glitches.  But the new website works, and it’s only going to get better from here on out. Many thanks to Joe McFerrin to working overtime to get the [...]

The power is finally back on in Baton Rouge!

NEWSFLASH!  Storyville Baton Rouge finally has power back on after eight days of being in the dark.  That’s all for now — we’re too busy enjoying the air conditioning to blog.  We’ll be back to normal shop hours tomorrow — 10 am – 8 pm.  See you in the cool, wonderful Chimes Street shop.