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“Brad Pitt for Mayor” tee shirt featured on national television

Gabriel and I were just watching the June 30 edition of the TV show Extra, which is hosted by former Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez.  Between segments about Michael Jackson, there was a story about Brad Pitt possibly running for Mayor of New Orleans.  During the Brad Pitt segment, Extra showed several photos [...]

Storyville Austin to get a “reboot” this fall

According to Wikipedia, a “reboot” is defined as “a discarding of much or even all previous continuity in the series, to start anew. Effectively, all previously-known fictive history is declared by the writer(s) to be null and void, or at least irrelevant to the current storyline, and the series starts over.”   This fall, Storyville [...]

Red Stick Roller Derby’s Tiger Town Bout This Saturday

This Saturday June 27 join Storyville for Red Stick Roller Derby’s Tiger Town Throwdown against Auburn’s AL’s Burn City Rollers. Red Stick was victorious the first time the teams met in Auburn, but Burn City has something to prove this time around! It’s going to be a good one! The Stellaphonics will be playing live before [...]

Chris Rose writes about the Brad Pitt for Mayor movement

Just in case you missed it, Times Picayune columnist Chris Rose wrote a terrific and hilarious article about the Brad Pitt for Mayor movement on Sunday.  Click here to read what Chris Rose had to say about Brad Pitt possibly becoming the next mayor of the City of New Orleans.

Happy 21st Birthday, Bekah Bear (Rebekah can drink — legally!)

Rebekah Harvey celebrates her 21st birthday today, which means she can finally legally consume alcohol.  The strange thing is that in the photo above she appears to be holding a beer bottle, and, to the best of my knowlege, this photo wasn’t taken in the past few hours.  We’ll have to get to the bottom [...]

Thanks to Brad Pitt pre-sales, Storyville makes first donation to Make It Right

On the same day that Storyville’s Brad Pitt for Mayor tee shirt was officially released, we were able to make our first donation to Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation as result of strong pre-order sales.  Let’s hope that this tee shirt keeps selling and we’ll be able to donate more money to Make It [...]

The “Brad Pitt for Mayor” movement gets international press

Check this out.  The Mirror, a British newspaper, published a story about our efforts to get Brad Pitt elected Mayor of New Orleans.  Click here to see the article.  And click here to get the official Brad Pitt for Mayor t-shirt, which is only available in Storyville.

Google issue regarding Storyville Times Blog — We’re on it

A few days ago, Google flagged our blog ( as being potentially dangerous to visit.  We assure you that is safe to visit.  What happened was that the website was hacked, and a line of code was inserted into website.  We identified the line of code and eliminated it immediately.  We are now in the process of petitioning [...]

Happy Birthday, Mercie Durham Moser!

Happy Birthday to Storyville sibling and newlywed Mercie Durham Moser!  Mercie just got back from her honeymoon and even brought back hubby Greg with her.  Here’s to Mercie on her big day!

See pics of Storyville Nola’s new shop front (taken with a real camera)

Here are a few photos that I took with a real camera of the exterior of Storyville’s future home.  The new shop will open July 1, 2009 at 3029 Magazine Street, just as soon as Gabriel finishes building the new shop.