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Happy 26th Birthday, Hunter Holder!

Storyville Austin model Hunter Holder turns 26 today! Here he is modeling the Austin Burst tee on the Congress Bridge. Like what you see ladies….join us in downtown Austin tonight to celebrate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER!

Storyville Austin makes the Statesman

Check out the article on Storyville in this week’s style section of the Statesman.

Storyville is coming…to the Boulevard

Yesterday, Josh and I put up some signage in the window of the new Boulevard at the Mall of Louisiana shop announcing our opening day.  It’s a big burst of color, as you can see.  Go check it out, especially if you’re on your way to get the new iPhone 4 from our neighbor, the [...]

Happy Birthday, Rebekah Harvey!

Storyville sibling celebrates her big day today.  Happy Birthday to Rebekah Harvey, who turns 22 on this special Monday in June.

Happy Birthday, Alli G!

New Orleans Storyvillain Alli Granier (right) celebrates her birthday today. Today, Storyville would like to wish a very happy birthday to New Orleans Storyvillain Alli Granier.  Go, Alli, it’s your birthday!  Have a good one.

Looking for something to in Austin around 8:35 pm tonight?

I don’t know about you but for me it doesn’t get any cuter than baby animals, even if they are bats! Austin prides itself for housing the largest urban bat colony in America most of which reside under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Every night at sunset locals and tourists gather on the bridge to watch [...]

Texas Star goes to Mexico

Recently I traveled to Cancun, Mexico, where I decided to sport the new Texas Star Storyville Original. I wore it to the Mayan Ruins where I received many compliments on how stunning I looked! Someone even asked me if I was a celebrity……they obviously thought I was Beyonce.

The Mike Bitton Benefit Tee

On May 15, LSU graduate student Mike Bitton was hit by a car on River Road in Baton Rouge. Mike was riding a typical training route used by many Baton Rouge cyclists when a driver knocked him off of his bike and left the scene without helping him or bothering to call an ambulance. The [...]

Happy Birthday, Mercie Durham Moser!

Today is Storyville sibling Mercie Durham Moser’s big day.  If you get a chance, make sure to wish her “Happy Birthday!“  We hope all your birthday wishes come true, Mercie.

Storyville coming to the Mall of Louisiana on July 29

Today, Apple made two huge announcements at its annual developers conference.  The first announcement was that the iPhone 4 was being released. The news of the hotly anticipated fourth generation of the world’s best-selling smart phone was quickly overshadowed by Apple’s second announcement — that Storyville will soon be the Apple Store’s next door neighbor [...]