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Take a Walk in the Park Day

Today, March 30th is “Take a Walk in the Park Day”. Don’t miss out it’s an awesome excuse for exercise and relaxation. Are you stressed out? Taking a peaceful walk in the park is just what the doctor ordered! You can take a walk before work to prepare yourself for your day or after work [...]

Magazine Street Repair

Magazine Street customers will notice that construction has reached the blocks near our shop, and it will probably be in front of our shop at some point this week. We just wanted to give you an update so that nothing stops you from getting to the tees you love and need! A detour is currently [...]

Louisiana Crawfish Festival

Looking for something fun to do and enjoy the lovely weather? Then head on down to Chalmette to the annual Louisiana Crawfish Festival! This is actually one of my personal favorites! It’s free to get in, live music, rides, and of course crawfish crawfish crawfish! Crawfish bread and crawfish beignets are highly recommended folks. They’re [...]

mmm… nutria

The nutria, or Myocastor coypus, is a large semi-aquatic rodent. The word “nutria” is derived from two Greek words (mys-mouse, and kastor- beaver) so it translates to mouse-beaver! Like many introductions of non-native species, the introduction of the mouse-beaver into California from South America in 1899 was intentional and viewed as a way to provide economic [...]


With all of the pastel yellow, green, purple and pink kids shirts and onesies coming into Storyville Kids it is hard not to think about Easter. Or sadly for me Easter candy. I feel like I shouldn’t go into Walgreens until after April 24th to avoid the sugar coma that I can’t resist. Cadbury eggs, [...]

Baton Rouge Shirt of the Week

Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday Monday, what will our shirt of the week be? This week we are featuring “Who Dat Nation” as our Shirt of the Week. It will be $16 (reg. $23) until next Monday, March 28th. Walk down the streets of New Orleans and yell “who dat?” and you’re bound [...]

Come Check Out The Walls Of Storyville Austin…

..They are decked out with original paintings by Austin’s Will Webster!!! We’ve got everything from a six foot tall portrait of Led Zeppelin to Austin’s own, the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Spring 2011

Well folks, you can kiss Winter goodbye, because tomorrow is the official 1st day of Spring! Of course, here in New Orleans the Spring like weather has been spoiling all of us for a couple of weeks now. So come on out and get some short sleeve tees with some sweet designs! Spring forward!

We Miss You Already Greg!!!

Baton Rouge’s wonderful manager and marvelous screen printer, Greg Moser, celebrated his last day as a Storyvillain yesterday. I already miss him terribly. Greg loves cookies, musicals, and Harry Potter and that makes him one of the sweetest guys out there in my personal opinion. We have not all worked together for long but on [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday I KNOW I KNOW! However, the Baton Rouge St. Patrick’s Day Parade is tomorrow and we have fantastic green shirts on sale to get you all set for the parade! This year is the 26th annual parade! Parade date: Saturday, March 19 10am Parade Route: Begins at the corner of Hundred Oaks [...]