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“Red Stick” – What’s In A Name?

The Mall of Louisiana is a big draw for visitors to Baton Rouge, and lately I have had several tourists ask me the same question after viewing up our “Red Stick Roller” or “Red Stick Baby” items: “What’s up with ‘red stick’??” The term can be traced back to circa 1699, when French explorer Sieur [...]


I just had to ask for a picture when I spotted these two strutting their stuff outside of the iconic Parkway Bakery, in some of our Fleur De Lis  shirts.  It turned out these two cuties where from out of state, but love New Orleans so much they visit very often and when they do, [...]

Thanks For Noticin’ Me…

New Orleans may be living it up at the Jazz Fest this weekend but here in Austin we will be having a celebration of our own. This Saturday, April 30th, the city of Austin will hold the 48th Annual Celebration of Eeyore’s Birthday! Eeyore’s birthday party is a free event that takes place in Pease [...]

Judgement Day – Red Stick Roller Derby style.

Fan of roller derby? Nola had their big roller girls season opening double-header a few weeks ago, and now Baton Rouge is bringing it Red Stick style. On May 21st, at 6 pm at the RiverCenter in Baton Rouge, there will be 2 bouts of Roller Derby – in the first bout, the Capital Defenders [...]

Baton Rouge Shirt of the Week – Eat Louisiana Oysters and Love Longer!

This week we are featuring the brand  new style, “Eat Louisiana Oysters” as our Shirt of the Week. It will be $16 (reg. $22) until next Monday, May 2nd. Louisiana Oysters are Safe to Eat! The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals continually monitors water quality to ensure seafood safety, and will, prior to entry of [...]

What neighborhood are you in New Orleans?

When I moved to New Orleans I wasn’t sure what neighborhood I lived in. Even people who grew up in New Orleans weren’t sure or had differing opinions about what the neighborhood was. I found out it was the 7th ward but there were many natives that said it has to have a name. It [...]

Free Cookie Friday & Earth Day!

Today is FREE COOKIE FRIDAY again and it’s also EARTH DAY!!! Earth day is the best because it’s only purpose is to inspire awareness and appreciation for our Earth! Earth Day was founded in the US in 1970 and internationally in 1990. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is [...]

Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is our wonderful boss, Josh Harvey’s thirty-third birthday!!! The number three is considered lucky in Chinese culture because it sounds like the word “alive” in Chinese.  I’m thinking that a double three birthday is doubly lucky! So Josh, here’s wishing you a lively and lucky thirty-third year!!! <3 The Storyville Staff

Free Cookie Friday & National Bike to Work Day

This morning while I was considering hopping into my car and sitting in traffic on my way to work where I would be eating chocolate chip cookies all day my absurdly athletic and sometimes infuriatingly energetic boyfriend reminded me that today was not only the absolute best and most fun day of the week at [...]

Big Easy Roller Girls first bout of the season this Saturday

Want to be entertained and have all of the profits go to a nonprofit! Season Opener Doubleheader – April 16th – Doors open at 5 pm; Action starts at 6 pm! -Big Easy All Stars vs. Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls Flatliners -Crescent Wenches vs. Bleeding Heartland Code Blue Assassins Buy Tickets Now! Benefitting the Child Development Program [...]