Design Contest #12: Geaux Tigers

Oh snap, Storyville is working with LSU!

Oh snap! We're working with LSU.

In our tee shirt design contest #12, we’re working with LSU. The goal of our $1000 “Geaux Tigers”contest is to get a fresh take on trademarked LSU phrases like “Geaux Tigers,” “Death Valley,” and “LSU” itself.

Because we’re working with LSU on this contest, LSU and the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) have to approve each contest submission before we can post them on the website. Therefore, please allow a 2-3 day delay between submitting your design and, assuming that we approve it, before LSU and the CLC approve it. Please get your submissions in as early as possible so that you’ll have plenty of time to collect  Facebook likes before the contest is over.

The focus of this contest will be to re-interpret any of the following trademarked phrases in new ways. If you take one of the phrases below and submit it as a text-based design with out any original elements, creative effort or artistic merit, the design will likely not be approved for this contest. We only want to bring really fun designs to LSU and the CLC for approval, so the bar for approval is going to pretty high in this contest.

Here is a list of LSU trademarked or copyrighted phrases that can be used for this contest:

  • LSU ®
  • Louisiana State University ®
  • LSU Tigers ®
  • Fighting Tigers ™
  • Tigers ™
  • Lady Tigers ™
  • Bayou Bengals ™
  • Geaux Tigers ®
  • Tiger Bait ™
  • Mike the Tiger ™
  • Tiger Stadium ™
  • Death Valley ™
  • Pete Maravich Assembly Center ™
  • PMAC ™
  • Alex Box Stadium ™
  • Maravich Maniacs ™
  • Love Purple Live Gold ™
  • Stand Right Up and Roar ™

LSU also allows caricatures of Mike the Tiger, but unless they’re really good, we’re not going to approve them.

Also, and this is really, really important, you can not make reference to players, past or present, living or dead. That means no player names, silhouettes, jersey numbers or likenesses. You can put a number on a jersey, just make sure it’s a commonly used jersey number like “1.” Obviously, no “Honey Badger” submissions will be approved (let’s focus on new stuff).

Also, no references to drugs or alcohol. And nothing in poor taste or that could be intereprted as vulgar, political, sexual, or discriminatory in any way. Basically, let’s stay positive and focus on creating fun designs, which is what Storyville is all about. If you have any questions about what you can or cannot do for this contest, feel free to send your question to me at

This is the first of our first three scheduled university contests. It’s important to us that this contest goes well so that we can proceed with our Tulane University and University of Louisiana at Lafayette contests, which will be coming this fall. We’d also like to expand our contests to include Southern University and the Univeristy of Texas at Austin in 2013.

We will add the required registered copyright logo and/or trademark logo to your design as needed.  All of the phrases previously listed get the ™ mark except for “Geaux Tigers,” “LSU,” “Louisiana State University” and “LSU Tigers,” all of which get the registered copyright ® logo. Also, if you use the words “Louisiana State University” in your design, make sure to give the three words equal weight in the design (in other words, don’t de-emphasize the word “university” in your design). And don’t use the term “Louisiana State.” It has to be “LSU” or “Louisiana State University.”

The winning designer gets $1,000 and will have his or her design sold in our retail shops and online. Offers may also be made on non-winning designs. This competition officially runs from Monday, August 20 until Midnight on Friday, August 31, but we are accepting early entries right now so that we can turn them over to LSU for approval. The winner of the contest will be announced at 10 am on Wednesday, September 5 right here at

Here's the official design contest poster.

Here's the official design contest poster.

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