Stay warm with us this Carnival season!

Hey y’all! As Fredy already let you guys know, the perfect shirts for your Mardi Gras wardrobe have arrived!

The following designs arrived at the Mall of Louisiana shop today:

Carnival Season Shirts

The King Cake design is printed on a grass green tee and reads: Try a delicious King Cake- There’s a little Jesus in every one!

On the pretty purple shirt, you may recognize the wonderful Marie Antoinette holding a platter of king cake. The text reads: Let Them Eat King Cake!

On the yellow shirt, we have the Mardi Gras Flag.

And, finally, a Royal Crown is printed in purple on a grass green tee.

That Royal Crown is pretty awesome, eh? WELL! Lucky for you, we also have it printed on a grass green scarf. It’s soft and super comfy!

Never really sure how to wear an awesome scarf like that? I’m going to show you a few things you can do with it, so don’t you worry!

Royal Crown Scarf

Above is my personal favorite way to tie a scarf. This is called the double loop-n-through. It’s really simple to do:

1. Double the scarf by folding it to make the two ends meet.

2. Hold it behind your neck with the two ends to one side of you and the “loop” to the other side.

3. Pull one of the scarf ends through the loop (it’s best to pull the blank end).

4. Twist the loop once like you would do to a ponytail after you pull the hair through.

5. Pull the remaining end of the scarf through (the one with the crown on it).

This will make a cool knot look up top. Just play around with it and tighten it to your liking!

Another easy and cute way to wear your scarf is called the regular loop-n-through. This is an easier, simpler version of the one above. Instead of pulling just one section of the scarf through the loop, pull both ends through the loop. Viola! You’re done! Just play around with it until you are comfortable with how it looks.

A third way to tie your scarf, and my final suggestion, it to do a basic knot.
1. To do this, just put the scarf around your neck to where both ends hang on your chest.
Since our scarves are a lot longer than most, you may want to double it to do this one too.
2. Once the ends are in front of you, grab them together with one hand.
3. With your free hand, wrap the ends around your hand. Start on the back of your hand and go to the palm. Once you return to the back of your hand with the scarf, pull the scarf ends under the part of the scarf that’s wrapped to the back of your hand.
4. That’s it! Just pull it as tight as you would like and you  have yourself a knot!

Hope these tips are useful to you! You can easily find tutorials online if you want to try something more challenging.

Happy Mardi Gras!

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