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Third Thursday @ SoCo Center Tomorrow!!!

Christmas is creeping up, you have 9 DAY’S LEFT to get those gifts, shop for your holiday trips, grab some garb for your holiday parties, get your hair done, plan for NYE…WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY? SoCo Center is staying open late, serving some refreshments, offering some discounts, and [...]

Free Cookie Friday/Storyville NOLA Shirt Of The Week

For any of you folks in the New Orleans area, step out of the heat into our shops for some free cookies! We have a nice, fresh collection of chocolate chip for anyone to enjoy! While you’re devouring cookies, be sure to check our shirt of the week, “I’ll Poop On Your Head”. It’s printed [...]

This is your last chance to eat free cookies at Storyville Chimes until the fall.

Today is Graduation Day at LSU and Free Cookie Friday. It’s also the last Free Cookie Friday at Chimes for the summer and our Baton Rouge manger,  Jane’s last day with us. And, in case you haven’t heard, the world is probably going to end tomorrow, so whatever you do, eat lots of cookies today [...]

Free Cookie Friday the 13th

Uh-oh…  today is Friday the 13th ! Turn your luck around with some free cookies and some awesome t-shirts! NOW FOR THE FRIDAY THE 13th FACTS!!! Any month’s 13th day will fall on a Friday if that month starts on a Sunday. This occurs at least once, but no more than three times a year. [...]

“Red Stick” – What’s In A Name?

The Mall of Louisiana is a big draw for visitors to Baton Rouge, and lately I have had several tourists ask me the same question after viewing up our “Red Stick Roller” or “Red Stick Baby” items: “What’s up with ‘red stick’??” The term can be traced back to circa 1699, when French explorer Sieur [...]

Free Cookie Friday & Earth Day!

Today is FREE COOKIE FRIDAY again and it’s also EARTH DAY!!! Earth day is the best because it’s only purpose is to inspire awareness and appreciation for our Earth! Earth Day was founded in the US in 1970 and internationally in 1990. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is [...]

Free Cookie Friday & National Bike to Work Day

This morning while I was considering hopping into my car and sitting in traffic on my way to work where I would be eating chocolate chip cookies all day my absurdly athletic and sometimes infuriatingly energetic boyfriend reminded me that today was not only the absolute best and most fun day of the week at [...]