And the winner of “Mardi Gras 2016″ is…

“Well, if you put your nickel well now, I’ll put a dime down. We can get together now and drink us some wine” — It’s Carnival Time, y’all! Per usual, our annual Mardi Gras contest was a hit. So much so, that it was incredibly difficult to whittle it down to just six entries for our Top 5 + Honorable Mention. A lot of entries were really good, but the design also has to be marketable as a t-shirt.

Congratulations to Matt Phelan, who won the top prize for his “Second Line Bling” tee shirt design. This entry got an enormous response from Facebook, and also was a staff favorite. We loved how it worked in so many ways — the dance move, the sousaphone, the uniform, the “second line bling.” Matt did a fantastic job all around. This is Matt’s sixth Top 5 finish.

Coming in second was “Hello” by Ali Becnel Solino. This design also got an enormous response on Facebook. Ali is no stranger to pop culture references — she knows how to design a hit. This is Ali’s twelfth Top 5 finish. Ali designed the winning tee in last year’s Mardi Gras contest, “Up on a Tuesday.”

Third place goes to Christy Gonzalez for “Boundary Issues.” People really loved this double entendre. This is Christy’s twelfth Top 5 finish.

Ali Becnel Solino scored fourth place for “Cake by the Pound,” and fifth place goes to Chase Guillory for “Made for Mardi Gras.” This is Ali’s thirteenth and Chase’s third Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Michael Fulkerson for “Eat, Drink & Be Mardi.” This is a good example of a very simple design executed perfectly for a t-shirt. This is Michael’s first Honorable Mention.

Get out your paper towels, newspaper and beer, it’s Crawfish Season (and it’s early this year)! Our next contest will be “Crawfish 2016.” Winner will receive $1000. Contest dates TBA, but you can start working on those designs now!

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