It’s October! Let’s have an in-shop only sale this weekend.

Even as we have an online-only $12 Flash Sale ongoing, we also have a big sale at all 3 of our physical locations this weekend. Beginning today (Thursday, 10/1) and running through Sunday, (10/4), all adult tees at all of our shops are only $16 and kids stuff is only $12. While our in shops don’t have the unlimited stock that our online flash sales have, we’re well stocked in the shops and have lots of gameday tees for this big football weekend. Not sure where we are located? Click here.

And the winner of “Geaux Tigers 2015″ is…

Well Tigers, we’re off to a good start. We have a few exciting new LSU tees to bring to our shops, including some from this contest. Stay tuned for some new Storyville goodness. But first…

Congratulations to Derek Lemoine, who won the top prize for his “It Never Rains” tee shirt design. This design was a hit on Facebook because of its witty take on the first game of the season (and really, anytime it rains in the stadium). This is Derek’s first Top 5 finish.

Coming in second was “Hey Fighting Tigers” by Sarah Lisotta. This is a simple, yet perfect, design for a tee. This is Sarah’s fourth Top 5 finish.

Third place goes to Tara Schwaner for “Forever LSU.” Tara entered a few really fantastic designs into this contest, and this one was our favorite. This is Tara’s second-ever Storyville Design contest, and second Top 5 finish.

Cindy Strecker and Valerie Strecker won fourth place for “Roar!” and fifth place goes to Brian Doyle for “Shotcaller.” This is Cindy’s second, Valerie’s eighth and Brian’s first Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Doug Koslosky for “Forever LSU.” This is Doug’s second Honorable Mention.

Now we’re going to take a short break from our design contests — only for a little bit! — because we want to concentrate on the structure of our contests, and also think of ways to get even more people involved. Got any ideas for themes, or for the contests in general? Send them our way!

“Geaux Tigers 2015″ Contest Results coming Tuesday, 9/29

9/25 Update: We had planned to release the results of our “Geaux Tigers 2015″ design contest tonight, but we’re still counting votes and getting staff feedback. Therefore, we won’t have the results out until Tuesday, 9/29 at 8 pm. Sorry again for the delay.

Original Update: We finally got to 20 approved designs for our “Geaux Tigers 2015″ tee shirt design contest. As we stated in the contest rules, we couldn’t close the contest for entries until we had at least 20 entries approved by LSU. While we originally had planned to release contest results tonight, we have a couple more designs that need to go through the approval process before we can begin voting. Plus, we want to post more of the entries on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, the results of our “Geaux Tigers 2015″ design contest will be available next Friday, September 25, right here on the Storyville Blog.

$12 annual LSU Tigers Flash Sale ends at Midnight tonight

And the winner of “Black & Gold 2015″ is…

As we continue to do contests, our contest format changes ever so slightly. For the longest time, we found success with getting feedback from individual posts on Facebook. Recently, however, Facebook changed their algorithm, and far fewer people are even seeing the designs, so we aren’t getting the feedback we used to get. We’ve since discovered that more people are interacting with us via Instagram, even though we have fewer followers than on Facebook, so we are posting more and more on that medium. If you don’t already follow us on Instagram, check us out at @StoryvilleApparel. Regardless of media used to get feedback on the contests, the winner is always still a combination of social media and Storyville staff voting.

Now let’s get down to business. Congratulations to Christopher Murphy, who won the top prize for his “New Orleans vs. Everybody” design. We thought this was a simple (in a good way), witty design, especially one that would look great on a tee. This is Christopher’s fifth Top 5 finish and second Grand Prize win.

Coming in second was “Stay Gold, New Orleans” by Tara Schwaner. This is another design that would translate perfectly into a tee shirt. This is Tara’s first Top 5 finish, and her first-ever Storyville design contest entry.

Third place goes to Blaze Amber and Victor Betancourt for “Second Lining to the Dome.” This design was one of the more popular ones on social media for this contest. This is Victor’s second Top 5 finish.

Julia Lavigne won fourth place for “#BlackandGold” and fifth place goes to Ali Becnel Solino for “The Black and Gold Standard.” This is Julia’s fourth and Ali’s eleventh (!) Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Christy Gonzalez for “Straight Outta NOLA.” Christy has been in the Top 5 eleven times.

Ready for what’s next? Can you stand right up and ROAR? “Geaux Tigers 2015” is our next tee shirt design contest. “Geaux Tigers 2015″ is an officially-licensed LSU design contest, and each design must be approved by not only Storyville, but also by LSU. Beginning with this contest, we’ll need at least 20 approved entries or the contest submissions period will automatically be extended for a week. We’ll begin accepting submissions on August 17, and the contest ends August 30. We’ll announce a winner on September 4. Good luck!

$12 Black & Gold Flash Sale

And the winner of “50 Freestyle” is…

One of the biggest challenges with our design contests is deciding which designs would look best on a tee shirt. So often we get amazing designs that clearly show a very high skill level, but they just wouldn’t sell on a tee shirt. And in the end, that’s what we have to find — designs that will sell on tees. Often it’s the simple designs that convey a message quickly that people want to buy and wear. We’ve learned a lot over the past 50 design contests — what sells, what doesn’t, with the occasional design that goes completely viral — and we hope that we’ll continue to reward the best tee shirt designs in the coming years.

This contest was a little different than usual — the winning pot was based on how many entries we received, and we also gave out 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Because we hit 50 total approved entries, the pot made it to its maximum amount: a $1,300 grand prize, a $700 2nd place prize and a $500 3rd place prize.

Congratulations to Christy Gonzalez, who won the top prize for her “Crescent City” design. This design is perfect for a tee shirt, and it is something that both locals and tourists alike would love to sport on a cool baseball tee. This is Christy’s fourth grand-prize win, and eleventh Top-5 finish.

Coming in second (and winning $700) was “What Do You See?” by Chase Guillory. We loved the 3-D effect of this design. This is Chase’s second Top 5 finish.

Third place (and $500) goes to Ryan Keane for “Orleans Parish.” This clever design was a favorite on Facebook, receiving a lot of likes and shares. This is Ryan’s third Top 5 finish.

Matthew Phelan won fourth place for “Attack of the Average-Sized Cockroaches” and fifth place goes to John Jarosz for “St. Charles to Canal.” This is Matthew’s fifth and John’s first Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Lane Grigas for “Shotgun.” This is Lane’s fourth Honorable Mention, and she’s been in the Top 5 once before.

We are still figuring out the dates for the next two contests, which are coming up very soon. However, they are often two of the most popular contests of the year, so start getting your designs ready! The first one will be “Black and Gold 2015,” and the next one will be “Geaux Tigers 2015.” The latter is an officially-licensed LSU design contest, and each design must be approved by not only Storyville, but also by LSU. We’ll announce the dates for these two contests soon, so stay tuned!

“50 Freestyle” Design Contest Results Coming Fri, 7/10

We still have a slew of design contest entries to post on Facebook for feedback, so we need one more week before we’ll be able to announce the results of our 50th design contest. We want to make sure that all approved designs get a chance to shine and that our staff has enough time to evaluate all entries. Sorry for the delay, but check back for contest results one week from today. Happy Independence Day weekend!

Our Biggest $12 Flash Sale yet just went live

And the winner of “New Orleans Neighborhoods” is…

Although we didn’t get a ton of contest entries for this contest, they were some of the best designs we’ve seen in a while. The Top 9 were all super solid entries, so it was pretty difficult to choose a winner and then rank the designs. We hope to bring many of these designs to our shelves in the next few weeks.

Hangin’ in the Treme, watching people sashay. Matt Phelan finally takes the top prize after submitting some very strong entries in previous contests. Congratulations to Matt for his winning design, “Treme.” The design is simple, but so visually interesting (and actually pretty complicated). The colors are fantastic. It was also a huge favorite on Facebook and among Storyville staff. This is Matt’s first Grand Prize and fourth Top 5 finish.

Coming in second was “Mid-City: The Heart of New Orleans” by Julia Lavigne. We just love Julia’s hand-drawn style and whimsy. This is Julia’s third Top 5 finish.

Third place goes to James Michael Cox for “Mid-City.” Mid-City is such a happenin’ place, of course we need two different designs. This was James’ first-ever Storyville design contest, and first Top 5 finish.

Chase Guillory won fourth place for “Streetcar it Uptown” and fifth place goes to Julia Lavigne for “Lakeview.” This is Chase’s first and Julia’s fourth Top 5 finish.

Honorable Mention goes to Doug Koslosky for “We are New Orleans.” This is Doug’s second-ever Storyville design contest, and first Honorable Mention. Doug’s design got some of the best response of all of the designs on social media.

We are celebrating our next contest — big number 50! – with a wide-open theme and our biggest prize pot ever! “50 Freestyle” means you can design whatever you want. Got an idea that has been brewing for a while, but it never fit into any contest themes? Now is your chance! The prize pot will increase based on the number of approved entries, and there will be second- and third-prize winners as well. We will accept submissions for a three week period since this contest will be so BIG! Entries will be accepted June 1 through June 21 We’ll announce the winner on Friday, June 26. Good luck!